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"If you are looking for down home, American over-portioned food, this is your place. The atmosphere is that of, well, a farmhouse. I had the open faced Avocado BLT which was very good, except it had way too much cheese.


The turkey open faced 'sandwich' was enough to feed two people. Service was great and the price was reasonable for the amount of food you get. Check out their lemon meringue pie. The thing is a foot tall. I will definitely use this spot as a go-to meal after a long work day."

Amber H.

"This place was a cute little ma and pa restaurant.  Waitress was nice and had a great memory. I had the jersey philly and it was great! Great little place too eat"

"Best carrot cake I've ever had! I absent-mindedly started eating it from the bottom, bite after delicious bite, and then it hit me that I had eaten an entire layer without even trying the frosting.  Let's face it, the cream cheese frosting is usually one of the best parts of a carrot cake, but this cake was so delicious I actually forgot to eat the frosting. It's only a matter of time before you bump into the frosting anyway.  


That was delicious, too. Our lunch was great too, but I honestly can't remember what I ate--all I can think about is that wonderful carrot cake."

My only real experience with the Farmhouse is their breakfast.  And it is absolutely my favorite breakfast in the Valley!  

- Ryan T.

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"I'm doing this review for a diner... not a fancy-pants classy joint, not a fun and funky interesting find, but a greasy spoon diner.  Albeit with a nice clean interior. :)


That said, our breakfast here was really good. Corned Beef Hash was obviously and honestly homemade, biscuits and gravy (while a little short on sausage) was terrific.  Nice and spicy with a lovely biscuit.  Our eggs were cooked perfectly, the bacon had good flavor, and our waitress was super pleasant.  Oh, and you get your own pitcher of coffee to do self-refills.


You could totally tell that this is not a place that caters to the Foodie Seattle crowd.  This is honest food with none of that scary fancy crap.  (Just imagine your grampa saying that last line and you'll get what I mean.)"


"Whenever I visit the Skagit Valley I make it a point to stop in for a meal here, usually breakfast but sometimes lunch.  I have been going to the Farmhouse since I was a teenager (awhile ago now!) and it has been a wonderful place the whole time.  The breakfast food is exactly what I want it to be in an American homestyle restaurant.


The eggs are eggy, the hashbrown casserole is hashbrowny, and the bacon is thick and crisp.  A favorite of mine is the pancakes -- nice and fluffy but at the same time substantial.  In addition to breakfast, their sandwich & lunch items are great, and the dinners are really good too.  


The turkey dinner is outstanding, like Thanksgiving every time I have tried it!   The interior is very clean and nicely decorated, and the wait-staff are friendly and helpful."

Joe T.

Lori M.

A. B.

Mark D.

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